About Me

I am a multimedia design student at KEA (Copenhagen School of Design and Technology) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

I chose to study to become a multimedia designer because I LOVE the Internet with all its possibilities (and the downsides to it are also quite interesting as well as outright scary - I'm thinking the ways that it negatively affects society and social interactions among people and also the ways in which it is used as a very effective tool for surveillance of people's behaviour and whereabouts) and just nerdy things in general, and last but not least, being creative! That's probably what mostly led me into studying multimedia design. One of my main creative interests are photo and video editing, especially the latter. I also love expressing myself by writing. Sadly though, I very often tend to forget how cool and wonderful it feels to do something creative, so I would really love to get more into the habit of doing something creative daily! Besides the creative stuff I also love traveling and exploring around, reading, learning languages and being in nature.

I'm a very down to earth person but also slightly weird (the good kind!) and I just love weird stuff and black humour. I also have a quite fragile, sensitive and dark side to me that often makes some things a bit harder for me than necessary. I’ve long struggled with finding my way in life but hopefully I'll get there!

But yeah, there you have it. Creativity is the main force that drives me and gives me a sense of joy and purpose, I think. I used to draw a lot when I was younger, and that was my main way of being creative and happy. And now as an adult where my creative focus has turned mostly to video editing instead, I've decided to embed a few of my videos below to showcase some of my projects (from my YouTube channel SviraSvi - yes I know, what a weird sounding name, but it's actually a pet name that my sister once gave me, and somehow it just stuck with me, the same way that gum sticks to hair...). Video editing is truly something I can lose myself in and forget about the world for hours on end.